Ricky Breaker  was born in 1984 as Gregory Rigters in Surinam. The Belgium DJ has music in his blood. When Ricky was 16 years, he used to breakdance and streetdance. By the time he was 21 he decided to quit dancing and focus on his other passion: Music!

It started as a hobby but when he discovered how deep his love for music was, he began to take things serious. He followed the course ‘Electronic Music Producer’ and got a closer look at the engineering process of making music. But Ricky didn’t stop there. After successfully finishing that course, he started the course ‘Audio Engineering’.
Put his love and educational knowledge of music together and you have serious talent!

Ricky combined his Caribbean background with the popular sound of Electro and House Music and it has been very successful for him.
He showed his musical skills all over the world. But his highlight was his performance on Ibiza, the ultimate party island and of course and in Surinam.

While his DJ career has been going very successfully he is currently busy with several co-operations within the music industry.

Ricky Breaker has already done a lot, but there is so much more coming…!