[PREMIERE] A special kind of heat from Teffler & Ricky Breaker’s new single: Summer Love

Ricky Breaker and Teffler kick off 2018’s cocktail on the beach season with their new pop-tinged track: Summer Love.



Ricky Breaker is a DJ well known for featuring on Afrojack’s No Tomorrow, as well as his harder hitting Breaker Breaker release with former Disney actor Kyle Massey. Looking back to before his success, Ricky was an uncrowned dancer of Paramaribo. Ricky has come a long way from making ends meet due to real-life struggles of the performing industry. Persistently and energetically dancing to his own mixtapes, it was clear Ricky had a passion for anything with a beat. Hard work paid off when Afrojack got involved with Ricky as an artist development project… 6 months later was the first release and as they say, the rest is history.

Another talent helping you elope towards the sunset is the Nigerian/American singer Meaku who sets the tone with his delectable vocals and signature r&b infused melisma’s. With over 3.8 million streams on Spotify, Meaku’s writing credentials build up to include the theme tune for African Time TV, Karl Wolf’s Yella and Soraye. Proud of blending native sounds with pop, dance & R&B, you can see these influences in his Summer Love vocal execution.

Continuing to raise the bar in 2018, Ricky has brought us some individual spice with his version of the Teffler, Ricky and Meaku Summer Love track. Ricky’s expert amalgamation of hip-hop and dance music means that Summer Love has been transformed into the pool side banger we’d hoped for.

The first track of their Summer Love series is the refreshingly sunny Ricky Breaker release. Later in the year, we look forward to LA based producer Teffler’s clubbier injection, that still holds Meaku’s fiery top line.